Welcome to the Support Group

Welcome to the support group for young stroke survivors!

Our main objective is to have a space that provides moral support as well as workshops for those affected by stroke at a young age. Knowing firsthand how lonely and isolating it is to go through a stroke at a young age, this group will create a space that is inclusive to young stroke survivors.
What we offer is a place where an individual can express their thoughts and feelings about losses/gains in dealing with their stroke. Finding out that other people are facing similar difficulties can help reduce feelings of isolation, and shared discussions can lead to good tips and coping strategies. This group will also offer the chance to meet other young stroke survivors and build long lasting friendships. Group members can gain a stabilized system of support from others affected by stroke around their age bracket.
Ultimately, the goal of this group is to help individuals improve their coping strategies and to reorient themselves in their own lives as they accept their diagnosis as a part of their individual and collective histories. Together, we are stronger.

Sarah Mian

I had my stroke when I was 15 years old. It happened one morning when I was getting ready for school. My dad found me four hours after the stroke had happened. Finding out exactly what a stroke was once it had happened to me was a rude awakening to say the least. Thankfully, I persevered and I kept one goal in mind, independence. It was so important that no matter what my diagnosis was, I wouldn’t depend on someone else to help me out with everyday tasks. It was through many tears, periods of frustration and adaptation that I got to where I am today. I always wished for a group where other young stroke survivors could meet, get to know each other and feed off one another. After years of wishing, I’m proud to say I found this group with other young stroke survivors like me.


I had my stroke at the age of 27, in 2012, from a right side carotid artery dissection caused by a header during a soccer game. It left me paralyzed on the left side. After being wheelchair-bound, I decided my mobility and independence was important to me. I have explored many resources to make this possible through my ongoing recovery. Along with other young stroke survivors, we have been able to bounce ideas back and forth to adapt and move forward. We want to use this model in hopes of helping future survivors succeed with the goals they set. I believe knowledge is meant to be shared.


I had my life-changing stroke at the age of 26. It was a right side carotid artery dissection from training in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Like most of you would feel, I felt a great sadness at first. Being newly married and having a newborn son, my life was devastated to say the least. But I overcame the struggles and started talking to other survivors. This really helped me in my recovery. Now I would love to help other stroke survivors.

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