Welcome to Life After Stroke

Life After Stroke (LAS) is a Canadian non-profit organization creating a positive and supportive community aimed at assisting Young Brain Injury Survivors (YBIS) as they proceed forward on their road to recovery.

What began as a personal blog to chronicle the recovery journey of young stroke survivor Sajeevan (Saj) Eswarakumar is now an international platform that shares other survivor stories, provides & exchanges resources for YBIS and offers support for an often overlooked community.

What is a brain injury? 

Brain injury is a broad category encompassing both acquired and traumatic conditions and is a leading cause of death and disability for Canadians under the age of 40.

[Source: Brain Injury Canada]. 

Who is a Young Brain Injury Survivor (YBIS)?

A young brain injury survivor is someone between the ages of 18-35 years old who has sustained a brain injury and is now on a path of recovery to establish a new baseline for their life, including—but not limited to—study, work and career.