The key to being independent after my stroke has been to plan ahead and be organized. If I have to go somewhere, I lay out my clothes the night before and pick out my shoes the morning of. I do not have to waste time searching for anything. I always give myself extra time in case of any unforeseen delay. I always check the weather before I go out.20150702_130239



I use google calendar to schedule my day and set reminders accordingly. If I have to use public transportation to get somewhere, I check all the bus and train times and plan ahead.





On days that I have to go out on my own, I wake up early and take care of everything I need. That way I am ready before everyone else and before anyone can help me with anything. I try not cause any delays from my end because I don’t want to affect anyone else’s lives. I always show up early for meetings because it is better for me to wait rather than have someone waiting for me.IMG_20150626_074844

Getting some of my sneakers on usually takes some time but with the help of my youngest sister, I am able to get them on my weaker foot. She completely loosens up the shoelaces and then uses a shoehorn to guide my foot in. The first few times it was a hit or miss but now that we have the hang of it, it seems effortless.




I read somewhere that “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. I always make sure I have a detailed plan if I have to do something on my own. Once the plan is set, all that is left is the execution of the plan. I use a combination of Google and transit apps to plan my day. Technology has made life very easy. I also have a WhatsApp group with my family and I periodically let them know of my whereabouts so they don’t get worried, it’s called “ Finding Saj”.



  1. Hi Sajin
    Your story is inspiring. I am planning a book for CAD survivors. It may start as, or go alongside a blog.

  2. Working with Stroke Association staff and other volunteers in the planning, co-ordination and development of activities at the Life After Stroke Centre.

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