There is something to be learned from every situation. Personally, I am the kind of person who learns things the hard way. If you tell me not to do something, there is a high chance that I am going to do it and find out the consequences for myself.


Experience is a good teacher. You have to live and learn to understand. I have always tried to live life without any regrets; I would live in the moment, make impulsive decisions, and do whatever I felt like doing as long as it wasn’t hurting anyone. Which I am glad I did. Prior to the stroke I was just enjoying life. I would travel at any given opportunity and go on many adventures.



I went on one of these adventures just before my stroke. I flew to LA, to help a close friend move back to Toronto. It took us 7 days to drive from LA to Toronto. We stopped in Vegas and Chicago and had created so many memories along the way. The day after I arrived home, I had my stroke.


2012-11-27_1354010830Not realizing that I would have a stroke at the age of 27, I created a bunch of memories that I reminisce about occasionally as I go through my recovery. I might have done things prematurely but because I did, I don’t feel like I am missing out on much. I turned thirty last year; I had set some goals for when I turned thirty, now I have set goals for forty.


If you don’t take chances and live your life, you are most likely going to miss out and later regret it. I am able to move forward with a positive attitude because I always did things that made me happy, even if it got me into trouble. I might be thirty but I am still a kid at heart, which you will find out as you get to know me. I have learned that you have to make the most of every moment and live your life to the fullest.

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  1. Hi I felt the same way I had the stroke at 25 after giving birth to my son I am
    Now 33 but I want to start traveling again. I love just getting up n going I miss that

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