One of the biggest contributions to my recovery is my family’s support. They have been right by my side from the very beginning. They stayed with me at the hospital for the few days I was there after my stroke. Mom was flying to England to see her mother when it happened, but she caught … Continue reading FAMILY AND SUPPORT


I have always been a big believer of natural medicine. Prior to the stroke, I would have acupuncture done for any acute pain. Ayurveda is an ancient form of natural medicine from India. Numerous people had recommended that I go to India and have some Ayurveda done after they came to know of my stroke. … Continue reading MY AYURVEDIC EXPERIENCE


  The main purpose of my trip to India was for their Ayurvedic treatment, which was highly recommended by numerous people after they had come to know that I’d had a stroke. The other was to go with my parents to bury my grandmother’s ashes in India. My grandmother passed away a year ago in … Continue reading MY EXPERIENCE IN INDIA


I love to be inspired; inspiration keeps me motivated. Reading about people overcoming their struggles inspires me the most. Since I have been given a second chance at life, I decided that regardless of how this journey turns out, I want to motivate and inspire people. I refuse to disappoint myself and give up.   … Continue reading FINDING INSPIRATION