You have to be real with yourself and true to yourself at all times. It’s ok to be ambitious but you have to be realistic at times so you don’t disappoint yourself. Always have something to work towards and stay motivated.



Set yourself realistic short-term goals and give yourself long term goals. Use the short term goals as stepping stones towards the long term goal. Goals are not going to be accomplished overnight. You will have to take baby steps as you work towards them. The goal has to be measurable, realistic and have a deadline.



There will be many paths towards a goal; some might get you there faster and some might have obstacles. The point is to stay committed and understand that you sometimes have to step back to move forward. Constantly assess the goal to make sure you are on track. Small progressions towards the goal is progress, do not discount it. Do not be upset if you are not making leaps and bounds. When the time is right everything will fall into place.

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