As I progress through my recovery, I have discovered quite a few strengths and skills that I possess, that have played a key part in my recovery.   It turns out that I am really good at being organized and being able to plan, schedule and execute my day-to-day activities. This has been helpful with … Continue reading DISCOVERING YOURSELF

Recovery Can Be When Not If!

My name is Emily. In August 2015, at 25, I began my fourth year teaching public high school in Montgomery County, MD with unwavering confidence! (Fourth time was really the charm!) My career was flourishing, I had a home with my then fiancĂ© and I thought life was damn near perfect. One weekend at the … Continue reading Recovery Can Be When Not If!


Towards the last few weeks of my placement at PNR Railworks, my boss asked me to write out everything I had been working on from the beginning of the placement until that point.  He suggested that we could use it to create a job description. I spent my 6th week documenting everything I worked on, … Continue reading THE JOB OFFER