Towards the last few weeks of my placement at PNR Railworks, my boss asked me to write out everything I had been working on from the beginning of the placement until that point.  He suggested that we could use it to create a job description.


I spent my 6th week documenting everything I worked on, whenever I got the chance. By the end of that, I created a job description and submitted it to my boss for review. After numerous drafts and reviews, we were able to have one finalized. My boss sent in a proposal with the job description, to create a position to fit it.


By the 7th week, the proposal had gone through the approval process. When it happened, my boss walked into my work area to announce that the position had been approved and congratulated me.


During the last week of my placement, I received the job offer as an Operations Clerk. My placement ended on July 2nd; my boss tried to get me a start date of July 4th but due to all the background checks, I had to wait a week and ended up starting on July 11th. When I initially entered the railroad industry, I saw the potential it had and I’m thrilled to be back in the industry.

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