Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day; if you take advantage of the time you have you will end up making it count towards your progress, be it in recovery or life in general.


Even though it takes me a little longer than the average person to complete certain tasks, I still take my time and do it. As I complete the task, I figure out new and efficient ways to do so, if I was to repeat it. Over time, this makes me more efficient and thorough. I always make sure to do the little things that the average person might forget to do or skip. I feel that doing these little things usually gives me an advantage at some point.


By making the most of the time I have in a day to improve myself, I really make it count towards my recovery. The goal is not to recover to the point at which I was, but to come out better than what I was. I seize every possible opportunity to better myself and move forward. I have made an effort to make every day count post-stroke to get where I am now.


I went to an Industry meet and greet last week which was really interesting. I was hoping to network with some people in the industry but ended up connecting with a lot of people I worked with pre-stroke. The people who did not know me had no idea that I had a stroke, which was awesome that they could not even tell. This meet and greet was an opportunity I did not want to miss because I want to further my career in the industry. It was also a chance to dress up and showcase a fashionable side of me, which people might assume I would have given up on. Due to the stroke, you will never see me sit out on any opportunity. I always dive in head first and with confidence. Every day I wake up with a sense of purpose and go to bed feeling accomplished, and that’s how I make every day count.

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