On the road to recovery, it is easy to get frustrated and lose patience. It is up to you to relax yourself and calm your mind. Frustration is not going to help you; it might just overwhelm you. Since I had experienced seizures post-stroke, I try to keep my mind from overreacting, because we never determined what triggered them.

It can get frustrating when people get into your space and start making suggestions, especially when they are not in your shoes. It’s the concept of – it’s easier said, than done – and I would if I could. I tell myself that they don’t know any better and they mean well, so I just console myself and stay strong.

When I feel that I am about to get frustrated, I just breathe and go for a walk to clear and calm my mind. Acceptance is the start of overcoming frustration. Some things are going to take longer than normal. Some tasks are going to take multiple tries. Patience is the key to overcoming frustration. It should never be about the destination, it should be about the journey.

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