It’s been four years since I had my stroke. If there is one thing I have realized, it is that I am truly blessed. I was at the right place at the right time when all my signs and symptoms started to surface. I ended up at a great hospital and in good hands.


It is easy to lose sight of how blessed you are when everything is falling apart and you cannot see the light. For one, I was lucky to have my family by my side throughout my recovery. They visited me every day when I was an inpatient at the rehab centre, so I never felt lonely. My cousins would visit me after work every day as well. The amount of support I received through the early stages of my recovery was a blessing because it kept me happy and positive.


Counting your problems leads to negative thoughts, whereas when you count your blessings you end up with positive thoughts and energy. One of my biggest blessings was discovering who my true friends were. They were the ones who stayed by my side and helped me progress in my recovery. Losing people in your life can also be a blessing because they might not have been the right people for you, which gives you room in your life for the right people to enter it. Blessings come in many forms; they can be opportunities, people, inspirations and so on. If you try to focus on your blessings and not your problems, then it will most likely lead to a positive life. Look at how far I have come in four years. Overcoming every setback has truly been a blessing. I am blessed for the family and friends I have. There is nothing more I can ask for


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