Recovery is something that cannot be rushed. The main reason I get through my day-to-day activities smoothly is because I take my time to plan and complete tasks. I never make abrupt decisions, I always take a little bit of time to process my thoughts before making a move or decision. This way I don’t feel any pressure or stress.

I always give myself extra time for anything I need to do, even if it means waking up extra early. I am always the first one at the door when my family needs to go out. I get my jacket and shoes on 5-10 mins before departure time because it takes me a little longer to get ready.

If everyone around you is in a rush and impatient, all you have to do is step aside and let them do what they have to do. You just go on with your business. Always make sure you are safe and comfortable if you feel you are being rushed. There is no reason to take risks because the people around you are impatient. Whatever is meant to happen will happen regardless of time. Everything will end in divine order, so take your time.

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