Ride for Heart - Life After Strole

We’re Raising Money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation Again

And just like that the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Ride for Heart has crept back on us. In what has become an annual tradition now, our founder Sajeevan will be participating in the largest charity cycling event in Canada on June 6th, 2021. But this year, like most things, the event is looking a bit different because of the ongoing pandemic. Instead of Saj riding his bike among thousands of other people, he will be riding an exercise bike for an hour in a Virtual Ride for Heart! 🚲 

This cause has always been close to Saj’s heart, not only because he himself is a young stroke survivor who was helped by the existing research, but it’s also been an event that has provided him with memories and milestones over the years. After suffering his stroke in 2012, Saj joined in the 2016 Ride for Heart’s first 5km walk since he was unable to ride a bike. However, that year he had noticed someone on a recumbent trike and decided that one year he would complete the 25km bike ride one day—which he eventually did in 2019. Participating every year since 2016, Saj has not only been able to connect with his support network and meet other survivors, he’s also been able to contribute to the research that helped save his life. 

This year’s Virtual Ride for Heart is even more important than ever. As it is, every five minutes someone in this country dies from heart disease, stroke or vascular cognitive impairment. Add on top of that the current pandemic, people with the previously mentioned conditions have a much higher risk of suffering complications and/or death if they contract COVID-19. Not only is the virus much deadlier for people with chronic conditions, COVID-19 can also damage previously healthy hearts and have serious effects on the brain.

The money raised from this event will support heart disease and stroke research, and can quite literally save lives during these unprecedented times. By donating, you’re funding the next big breakthrough and fueling the scientific discovery and collaborations needed to save lives. So please, help Saj reach his goal of raising $1500 for Ride for Heart. Donate here