About Life After Stroke

Who We Are

Life After Stroke (LAS) is a registered Canadian Charitable organization that creates a positive and supportive environment to assist young brain injury survivors (YBIS) as they move forward with their lives. YBIS often face a tremendous uphill battle and adjustment period to find a new normal given their recent physical, mental, and psychological challenges.

After founder & chairman, Sajeevan (Saj) Eswarakumar survived a stroke at age 27, he experienced first-hand the learning curve that came with being a YBIS. What started as a personal blog for Saj to chronicle the difficult recovery journey as a young stroke survivor, ultimately evolved into a safe space for other survivors to share their experiences—after he witnessed the profound impact of telling his own story. Saj’s story led to another survivor sharing their story, which led to another, and to another, and so on, until it developed into a full-fledged community for YBIS. 

Now, Life After Stroke is a platform for young brain injury survivors to build relationships, exchange resources and support each other in overcoming obstacles in their journey to recovery.

Meet our Board of Directors here.

Mission Statement

To provide a hub for Young Brain Injury Survivors (YBIS) that grants access to a network of other survivors, diverse support avenues, financial aid, YBIS information, and resources along the road to recovery.

  • Encourage YBIS to move forward with their lives by offering access and guidance around necessary post-injury support and resources
  • Facilitate and support connections among YBIS communities Canada-wide and internationally
  • Create support for caregivers and family member designates to help work with YBIS to accomplish their personal goals
  • Increase awareness about YBIS and address any associated stigma throughout Canada
  • Inform families of fundraising opportunities that will help support and subsidize any external resources required to carry out a survivor’s goals