Here at Life After Stroke we are extremely lucky to have some exciting partners who are dedicated to helping the LAS community grow and develop. Read up on our partners below and see some of their outstanding work over the years that has led them to be a part of our growing community of Young Brain Injury Survivors.

The Tamil Association of Residents and Medical Students (TARMS) of Canada

The Tamil Association of Residents and Medical Students (TARMS) of Canada is a national organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing the next generation of Tamil medical trainees for conscientious careers in medicine, as the future stewards of Tamil population health.

Ella Sofia

Ella Sofia, Habit Coach is a content creator at

In January 2008, at the age of 14, Ella suffered a hemorrhagic stroke due to an AVM rupture in her cerebellum.  About 9 years after her injury, through a long process of self-care and self-reflection, she finally realized that mental rehabilitation is just as, if not more important than physical rehabilitation.  Now, she specializes in the mind’s role in habit creation to help others with their mental rehab and ultimately help others use habit to simplify their personal growth.

Ella received a Master of Arts, Sociology degree from the University of Waterloo in 2018.  Her research revolved around risk management, resilience, and security in Canada airports.  She spent nearly 3 years working for the Canadian government in national security while completing her degree.  During her time with the government she realized that the resilience of the airports and structures she was studying was not so different from the resilience of the mind.  This realization led her to integrate many of the concepts and practices learned from her research into her habit coaching today.

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