Life After Stroke is very grateful to our sponsors who are dedicated to helping the Young Brain Injury Survivors community grow within Canada and beyond. Find a list of our sponsors below and learn more about them and the work that has led them to joining the LAS community.

Steve Leonardo – Pacific Hardwood

Steve was born and raised just North of Toronto in the small town of Caledon East surrounded by farm fields and large walnut trees. He has picked up many hobbies along the way, one of them, photography, brought about somewhat of a passion to see as much of Canada as possible. In 2015 Steve found himself moving across the country to British Columbia—into a large house with very little furniture. Steve had always been fascinated by woodworking and thought of this as an opportunity to give it a try. Initially believing it would be a) cheaper to build his own furniture & b) that he had any of the needed skills to do anything of the sort, he set out on a journey, acquiring tools and books, learning of different species of wood, eventually a real passion was born.

Now that Steve is back home in Toronto, he works in the railroad industry during the day, but you can often find him buried in a project at his shop in the evening and weekend. The journey of turning a raw piece of a tree into something delicate, pretty & useful is this incredible journey, it’s such a peaceful and rewarding activity. After spending some time with Steve & asking him what he is passionate about, you can be sure he will tell you all about how woodworking & furniture making is what keeps him balanced in life & how glad he is to have found it. 

David Kolbasovsky

David Kolbasovsky grew up in Sudbury, Ontario where he studied Electrical Engineering Technology while enjoying the outdoors and all things that northern Ontario has to offer. After graduating he found work in Toronto and had the pleasure of learning about the “big city” life as well as fostering many new friendships. The city life was a contrast to hanging out on remote lakes (and knowing every person you see at the movie theatre) but he embraced it.

David and his wife Jenna soon moved to Whitby where they started a family, now with a 4-year-old daughter and two Shelty dogs. When he’s not with his family David can be found tearing up gravel roads or trails on his bicycle, or flying over Ontario in the airplane that he shares with a few friends.

Always looking for ways to give back to the community, he supports Science, Technology, Engineering and math programs, Young Eagles, Women in Aviation, Pilots and Paws, and Life after Stroke among other non-profits primarily by volunteering his time, knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation, self discipline, education and adventure.

We are always looking for sponsors to join the organization by providing financial support in the form of products and/or services. If you are an individual, corporation, organization, or other entity looking to sponsor and support the Life After Stroke organization and community, we want to hear from you. You can show your interests by sending email to [email protected]. We will then be in touch.