Support Group

The Life After Stroke community meets offline through our Support Group Meetings.

The main objective of our Support Group Meetings is to have a space that provides moral support as well as workshops for those affected by stroke at a young age. Knowing firsthand how lonely and isolating it is to go through a stroke at a young age, this group will create a space that is inclusive to young stroke survivors.

What we offer is a place where an individual can express their thoughts and feelings about losses/gains in dealing with their stroke. Finding out that other people are facing similar difficulties can help reduce feelings of isolation, and shared discussions can lead to good tips and coping strategies. This group will also offer the chance to meet other young stroke survivors and build long lasting friendships. Group members can gain a stabilized system of support from others affected by stroke around their age bracket.

Ultimately, the goal of this group is to help individuals improve their coping strategies and to reorient themselves in their own lives as they accept their diagnosis as a part of their individual and collective histories. Together, we are stronger.

Watch this space to get updates for upcoming Support Group Meetings.

Registration for the upcoming meeting on April 27th, 2019 from 3PM to 4PM: