The Unexpected Five Year Plan

Five years ago, today (November 29th, 2012), my life changed. I was working in an industry that I really liked, enjoying life and had some sort of direction, up until I had my stroke     Five years ago, I really did not have a long-term plan for my life, I just took it day … Continue reading The Unexpected Five Year Plan

Live Life A Little

In life, some people let fear hold them back; sometimes it’s the fear of rejection or the fear of failing. This fear hinders us from experiencing our true potential.   You can take a chance or lose the opportunity. What is the worst that can happen? What if it works out? If not, you can … Continue reading Live Life A Little


In life, it’s important to have some sort of drive which motivates you and inspires you to get to where you want to be. At the end of the day, it is the why. After my stroke, I had no clue what the future would hold for me, so I decided I would go after … Continue reading FINDING YOUR DRIVE


It’s been four years since I had my stroke. If there is one thing I have realized, it is that I am truly blessed. I was at the right place at the right time when all my signs and symptoms started to surface. I ended up at a great hospital and in good hands.   … Continue reading COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS


On the road to recovery, it is easy to get frustrated and lose patience. It is up to you to relax yourself and calm your mind. Frustration is not going to help you; it might just overwhelm you. Since I had experienced seizures post-stroke, I try to keep my mind from overreacting, because we never … Continue reading OVERCOMING FRUSTRATION


The key to moving forward throughout my recovery has been adapting and figuring out new ways to do things that I used to do, which requires a lot of patience.     Due to a minor pre-existing condition in my eye, I had some complications after the stroke which caused loss of vision in my … Continue reading THE BEAUTY OF ADAPTING


To grow as an individual, you have to constantly challenge yourself. Every challenge you overcome and conquer makes you a stronger and better person.   Throughout my recovery, I have faced the challenges I encountered and have tried to push myself more by taking on newer challenges, which has helped me become a stronger person. … Continue reading CHALLENGE YOURSELF


As I progress through my recovery, I have discovered quite a few strengths and skills that I possess, that have played a key part in my recovery.   It turns out that I am really good at being organized and being able to plan, schedule and execute my day-to-day activities. This has been helpful with … Continue reading DISCOVERING YOURSELF


Towards the last few weeks of my placement at PNR Railworks, my boss asked me to write out everything I had been working on from the beginning of the placement until that point.  He suggested that we could use it to create a job description. I spent my 6th week documenting everything I worked on, … Continue reading THE JOB OFFER


  Prior to the stroke, I was working on the railroad as a Signals and Communication Maintainer for PNR RailWorks. It was a hands on job and I loved it, considering I was a hands on kind of guy. I was working full-time and was given a truck through work. There was never a day … Continue reading RETURN TO WORK