Recovery is something that cannot be rushed. The main reason I get through my day-to-day activities smoothly is because I take my time to plan and complete tasks. I never make abrupt decisions, I always take a little bit of time to process my thoughts before making a move or decision. This way I … Continue reading TAKE YOUR TIME


It’s been four years since I had my stroke. If there is one thing I have realized, it is that I am truly blessed. I was at the right place at the right time when all my signs and symptoms started to surface. I ended up at a great hospital and in good hands.   … Continue reading COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS


On the road to recovery, it is easy to get frustrated and lose patience. It is up to you to relax yourself and calm your mind. Frustration is not going to help you; it might just overwhelm you. Since I had experienced seizures post-stroke, I try to keep my mind from overreacting, because we never … Continue reading OVERCOMING FRUSTRATION


If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone on the road to recovery, it is this: don’t be afraid to try. It is better to try and fail than to fail to try. Always be willing to explore your options and leave no stone unturned. The concept of no risk, no reward is … Continue reading ALWAYS TRY


Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day; if you take advantage of the time you have you will end up making it count towards your progress, be it in recovery or life in general.   Even though it takes me a little longer than the average person to complete certain tasks, I still … Continue reading MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT


Recovery requires a lot of patience, even if the people around you are impatient. At the end of the day you know what is best for you regardless of anyone’s opinion.   People are always going to give you their two cents and recommendations; their intentions may be good but they have no clue of … Continue reading YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOURSELF

A Lesson In Healing, Part 2

I have written several versions of this blog in my head and procrastinated on writing the second half of my story. This is where I get vulnerable. This is where the real shit comes out. The shit that has been buried underneath layer after layer of protection. The proverbial “good” and “bad” of my story … Continue reading A Lesson In Healing, Part 2


To grow as an individual, you have to constantly challenge yourself. Every challenge you overcome and conquer makes you a stronger and better person.   Throughout my recovery, I have faced the challenges I encountered and have tried to push myself more by taking on newer challenges, which has helped me become a stronger person. … Continue reading CHALLENGE YOURSELF


As I progress through my recovery, I have discovered quite a few strengths and skills that I possess, that have played a key part in my recovery.   It turns out that I am really good at being organized and being able to plan, schedule and execute my day-to-day activities. This has been helpful with … Continue reading DISCOVERING YOURSELF

Recovery Can Be When Not If!

My name is Emily. In August 2015, at 25, I began my fourth year teaching public high school in Montgomery County, MD with unwavering confidence! (Fourth time was really the charm!) My career was flourishing, I had a home with my then fiancé and I thought life was damn near perfect. One weekend at the … Continue reading Recovery Can Be When Not If!