Making Up For Lost Time

One of my worries at the time of my stroke was what happens to my career now? It was a concern because after years of confusion, I had finally figured out what I wanted to do. Eight months into starting a new job in 2012, I had my stroke. At this point I had already … Continue reading Making Up For Lost Time


Towards the last few weeks of my placement at PNR Railworks, my boss asked me to write out everything I had been working on from the beginning of the placement until that point.  He suggested that we could use it to create a job description. I spent my 6th week documenting everything I worked on, … Continue reading THE JOB OFFER


  Prior to the stroke, I was working on the railroad as a Signals and Communication Maintainer for PNR RailWorks. It was a hands on job and I loved it, considering I was a hands on kind of guy. I was working full-time and was given a truck through work. There was never a day … Continue reading RETURN TO WORK


Prior to the stroke, I lived a fast-paced and active lifestyle. I worked on the railroad as a signals and communication maintainer. I played soccer once a week and would go to the gym every morning just before I started work. On top of that, I had a busy social life and would occasionally enjoy … Continue reading THE ADJUSTMENT