FundScrip for Life After Stroke

Welcome to FundScrip for Life After Stroke—a program for you to support our growing national community of Young Brain Injury Survivors (YBIS) every time you shop!

With FundScrip, you can buy prepaid gift cards to major retailers for your own use or gifting needs AND support Life After Stroke at the same time. FundScrip allows Life After Stroke to make a small percentage of the total value of prepaid gift cards you purchase—without costing you anything extra. Simply put, your shopping and gifting habits can help fundraise for Life After Stroke. Sign up here.

What is FundScrip?

FundScrip is an established, Canada-wide fundraising program in which you can pay for your shopping (groceries, gas, home & garden, entertainment, restaurants, and more) with gift cards. Pay for the gift cards ahead of time through FundScrip and every time you purchase with one of FundScrip’s prepaid gift card, FundScrip automatically includes a donation to Life After Stroke. Nothing extra comes out of your pocket and you can shop exactly where you always do.

How Does FundScrip Work?

Buy $100, Get $100

Buy cards at face value, get face value at the retailers—you lose nothing.

Shop as Usual

With cards from over 180 leading retailers, there’s no need to change your shopping habits. Click here to see a full list of participating retailers.

Pay with Gift Cards

Pay with gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash for your everyday items & gifts.

Raise Funds

Each purchase automatically includes a donation to Life After Stroke with no extra cost to you.

How Do I Join FundScrip for Life After Stroke?

Simple—you sign up and get started here. Once you purchase your prepaid gift cards, you are set. Start shopping with your gift card and you will automatically be fundraising and supporting Life After Stroke and our growing community of YBIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! The full list of retail partners want to develop customer loyalty, support worthwhile causes and sell gift cards. Fundscrip have created a program that does all three. You shop and pay the regular price, and a percentage of the difference is donated to a cause you want to support.

Why would I want to participate?

This is a very easy way to support Life After Stroke. By simply changing your method of payment for your everyday spending (groceries, gas, and household items at the stores at which you are already shopping), you receive the chance to support the Life After Stroke community in a fun and budget-friendly way.

What format of gift card can be purchased?

Through FundScrip you can purchase a plastic, electronic or reloadable gift card for any of the partner retailers.

Do the gift cards expire?

Thanks to laws forbidding the expiry of gift cards in almost every province, almost none of the retail partner gift cards expire. However, you should always check on the back of the card to be sure.

Are there any up-front charges to anyone who uses FundScrip?

No, there are no up-front charges to use the program—it’s totally free to sign up!