A Lesson In Healing (Part 1)

I have told the story of my stroke so many times that it seems more and more rehearsed upon each recitation. Each time, I read the reaction on others’ faces and reassure them that “I’m fine now, no one ever notices my deficits!” The recipient of my story often gives me a pained look with … Continue reading A Lesson In Healing (Part 1)


I figured that with all my spare time I should do something to better myself, so I decided to go back to school. I enrolled into the retail management certificate program at Ryerson University.   Considering I had worked in the retail industry prior to the railroad, I thought it would be a good path … Continue reading BACK TO SCHOOL

fall seven times, stand up 8 :)

“With greatest battle also comes greatest victory” became my mantra after my massive stroke on March 25, 2014.   I'm Liza Pearl, 30 years old, and a registered nurse in the Philippines and Bahamas.   At 28 years old, I suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke caused by a blood clot completely blocking my right internal … Continue reading fall seven times, stand up 8 🙂


I had to maintain a vegetarian diet during my treatment in India. My body had to go through a complete detox before I started treatment. They also recommended that I maintain a vegetarian diet for a month post treatment. I figured if I was going to be vegetarian for a month, I might as well … Continue reading HEALTHY CHOICES