Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is
love, enjoy it! To live in the moment is often taken for granted. Many always think
about the next time or think that they’ll always have time. Time is essence. Time
is perceived differently by every individual based on how they value time. Some
like myself wake up just in time to rush out the door, while others give themselves
plenty of time to peacefully start their day. My brother, who is recovering from a
stroke does just that. The value for time that he has is profound. His understanding
of the number of seconds, minutes and hours in a day allows him to complete
his tasks and duties at his own pace. It allows him to set himself up for success,
but most importantly allows him to do it with peace of mind. Understanding your
priorities and doing your duty first will allow you to maximize your time.

When my brother had a stroke, it was a challenge he had to go face-to-face with
– he met it. We decided to stop postponing family vacations and took our first one
together in 11 years – we realized it. Constant therapy was required post stroke –
he’s playing it. His will power and drive to come back stronger – he’s enjoying it.
Through these stages of his life, time is all that we have had – understanding the
value of it is what differentiates one individual from another. Everything changed
in a second, with one phone call for me to truly understand the value of time. One
should never have to think back to the time they wasted, but rather all that they
were able to accomplish during that time.

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