Chasing Goals

One of the leisure goals I set for myself after returning to work was to explore Canada as much as I could. Each year I pick a city to explore in either Eastern or Western Canada. After achieving this goal, I plan to start  travelling outside of Canada. 

This goal started when I visited Kamloops, BC in 2017. Thereafter I visited Edmonton, followed by St. John’s and then Quebec City. I realized that I liked the small town feel and so I booked Victoria, BC as my west coast trip for this year (2019), which conveniently fell in between my transition into the new job. Following that, my east coast trip was to Charlottetown. Both Victoria and Charlottetown have a lot of fishery because of their geographic location by the ocean. I have a fascination with bodies of water; I book all my Airbnb’s close to a waterfront or harbourfront if possible.

During my trip to Victoria I got lucky with my harbourfront Airbnb as it had an amazing view. Victoria is known for its alleyways and squares. It was very busy when I got there. I spent a lot of time around the harbour, did some whale watching, took a seaplane tour and made some friends along the way. I visited Butchart Garden to take some pictures of their world inspired gardens. Since Victoria is accessible to Vancouver through the BC ferry, I took a day trip to Vancouver to visit childhood family friends. I had a chance to briefly explore Vancouver before heading back to Victoria. It was a great trip prior to starting my new job. 

For my east coast trip this year, I went to Charlottetown during the long weekend in July. I booked a historic home one block north of the waterfront. It was a historic part of Charlottetown. I booked a private tour to take me around the island, which covered the Confederation Bridge and Thunder Beach Cove. After I got to know the guide, he showed me some lighthouses on my last day on the island. Considering that the Confederation was formed there, it was a great place to be for Canada Day.  And don’t get me started on the seafood. I had oysters for the first time and it was an amazing experience. The taste of those oysters will be a memory forever. I’ve been afraid to have oysters at home as I do not want to ruin my first experience. 

I still have a few major cities to visit in Canada, but I am almost done chasing my goal. Through this goal I have been able to push my limits and overcome my fears while gaining my independence. The memories and photos I have collected from these trips is just the start of my ongoing journey.