The Dark Emotional Aftermath of My Stroke—And How I Overcame It

In late 2020, I was on a path to desperately find some well-deserved enlightenment. I had a great job and was slowly clawing my way up the career ladder and thought that the more hours and tasks I took on, the more people would count on me and make me feel valued. To me, If I felt “needed,” I would find joy. In my spare time—not that I had much—I would try to connect with my children (ages 21, 12 and 10). I would do what I could to be a good, fun parent, but it never felt like enough. I never felt enough, and I became deeply depressed. To try and combat this, twice a week, with just a little of my extra free time, I would hit the mats and do 60 minutes of cardio kickboxing with my trainer.