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The road to recovery for a Young Brain Injury Survivor (YBIS) is one lined with many obstacles. That’s why Life After Stroke offers many different avenues for supporting and helping the national and international community of YBIS down their road to recovery. The ways in which Life After Stroke can help you as a stroke or acquired brain injury (ABI) survivor is through:

Financial resources

Life After Stroke recognizes that a traumatic brain injury entails significant financial challenges for the survivors and their families. The lifetime treatment could reach tens of thousands of dollars — maybe even more. For some survivors, it’s difficult to build funds because of limited employment opportunities.

As such, our organization offers a diverse pool of financial resources to help you get back on your feet.


Life After Stroke partners with or is chosen by various organizations for brain injury grants. Through our partners’ generosity, we help survivors power through financial hardships and rebuild their lives.

Contact our team to learn more about our grants.


Life After Stroke partners with institutions to provide scholarships to young survivors and help them finish their studies. Survivors reach their academic goals while easing their financial issues. The scholarships available to our community encompass a wide range of fields.


Our organization educates our survivors about the subsidies they may be entitled to. We also assist them in applying for subsidies to mitigate their financial challenges.

Vocational Resources

Our members have access to vocational rehabilitation services that are designed to help them return to work. Some of our services include:

Vocational Training – Equips our members with job-specific skills

Refresher Courses – Helps our members review or update their knowledge

Employment Search and Career Counseling – Helps our members make the most of job opportunities

Patient Education

Patient education is a critical part of recovery because it equips the patient with the right knowledge to help them improve their health.

Life After Stroke provides accurate, updated information and articles about traumatic brain injuries, their causes, symptoms, and possible treatment methods.

An Ongoing Support Group

We want our members to feel that, no matter how lonely the road to recovery feels, they are not alone. Our organization comprises people who support one another through this difficult journey. Life After Stroke holds various activities that bring our wonderful community together.

As we set up our community and organization during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking forward to how we will be able to help provide these resources to our community in the best ways possible. Check back in 2021 when our resources will be all set up and ready to help support you along your post-injury journey.

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