Vocational Rehabilitation

Following a stroke, there are many obstacles that a young adult encounters throughout their rehabilitation. One such hurdle includes returning to the workforce. This includes returning to your initial line of work prior to your stroke or finding a new job or position that is more in keeping with your new preferences and needs following your stroke. Either way, returning to work after a stroke can definitely be intimidating and overwhelming. Here at Life After Stroke, we aim to support young stroke survivors throughout their recovery. We have started a vocational rehabilitation support program, under the leadership of Ashvinie, to help survivors return to work.

Ashvinie is currently an Independent Psychometrist and Bilingual Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant. She holds a master’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Counselling, a graduate certificate in Stroke Rehabilitation, and an undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology. Over the past 9 years, Ashvinie has supported individuals with physical and mental health conditions in activities of daily living and in returning to and/or maintaining meaningful activities in their families, workplaces and communities. She has worked with individuals with communicative disorders, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, and acquired brain injuries, as well as persons who have been in motor vehicle and workplace accidents. She possesses experience working in various hospitals across Ontario, implementing best practices in research, publishing research articles, and coordinating research projects. Ashvinie is passionate to use her skills and knowledge to support stroke survivors in maintaining an independent and purposeful life.


If you are looking for assistance in returning to the workforce and/or interested in learning more about our vocational rehabilitation services, please email Ashvinie at [email protected]