Always make an effort to do the things that make you happy;  even the little things count.





Photography is something that makes me happy.  I enjoy getting out with my camera and shooting around the city. Just after my stroke, I went out to High Park in Toronto to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. I put my helmet on (my bone flap was still out) and I walked around the park taking pictures. Last year, just before the end of the summer, I went into the city with a model and took some pictures. Prior to the stroke, I was working on my photography portfolio, which you can find at ( Getting creative is something that I have always had fun doing. When I am in India, I will be posting pictures on my Instagram and Flickr accounts.

tdot x nissa-19



Sneakers have been something that has kept me happy for a long time. Hence, my sneaker collection.  The addiction worsened after my stroke because I had a lot of spare time and I had gotten a lot better at managing my money. I was able to save up for every new sneaker release I was interested in.20150703_080041





Another thing I like doing is trying new food and dining out. A lot of my instagram posts are dishes from different places I have tried.  Last summer, I checked out the Taste of Toronto food festival with my family, which was a good experience. I was able to sample a bunch of different restaurants in one place. As you can tell I am a foodie; I enjoy hanging out with friends and having a great meal.


If it makes you happy, why don’t you do it.

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