Another stroke survivor


Hi! I’m Heather and I’m 23. I had one stroke when I was 9 because of an AVM bleed, and I was partially paralyzed. I basically fully recovered over time with therapies, but at that age, I was also unwilling to actually continue physical therapy. However, that might have not mattered much because I had another cerebral bleed when I was 15! Maybe if I had done more physical therapy before, it’d be different today, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is now and what I decide to do with my new life. I can’t talk or walk and my brain waves barely have a connection with the left side of my body.

My basic goal for everyday is just to be happy and be happy with how I spent my day. And even though that doesn’t work out consistently enough, I still want to try because I don’t want to feel defeated. I agree that laughter is the best medicine, so that’s the best way to shake off the bad days.


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