Stroke Information

Survivors Helping Survivors: Benefits of Support Groups

Stroke has been typically seen as a disease that affects older adults. Unfortunately, this means that young stroke survivors are not adequately represented in rehabilitation programs, including stroke support groups. At Life After Stroke, we offer monthly support groups that are tailored towards young stroke survivors. Here, we talk about some of the benefits of support groups.

Mental and emotional health

  • Share similar difficulties, and worries that are more unique to younger adults
  • Share coping strategies
  • Being in a group with those with similar experiences, can help one feel less lonely, isolated, or judged
  • Talking to someone can help reduce anxiety and distress


  • Understand how our bodies function after a stroke and tips to navigate through rehabilitation.
  • Access to education resources.
  • Learning about options and resources available to stroke survivors (including financial and social support resources).

Navigating the “outside world”

  • Gain support and tips in having difficult conversations with your loved ones.
  •  Discuss topics that are more specific to younger stroke survivors such as return to work and childcare.
  •  Survivors can motivate each other during their recovery process and sticking to their treatment plans.

The LAS Support Group has helped me feel part of something that I thought my stroke took away from me, a

“Community of Support and Understanding”

At any time if I have questions about my recovery I know where to turn and who has my back.

It’s like a family that I didn’t know I had and didn’t realize how much I needed.

– A

Finding this stroke support group helped me in so many ways, it was reassuring to meet so many survivors and know that I had people to reach out to who knew what I was going through.

– C