The main purpose of my trip to India was for their Ayurvedic treatment, which was highly recommended by numerous people after they had come to know that I’d had a stroke. The other was to go with my parents to bury my grandmother’s ashes in India. My grandmother passed away a year ago in England, and I unfortunately couldn’t attend her funeral at the time. After the stroke, I had some complications with my left eye due to a retinal detachment. After two surgeries, the problem was not resolved and after the second surgery, I had completely lost vision in my left eye. Post-surgery, my eyes became extremely sensitive to light, hence why I was not able to attend my grandmother’s funeral.  



I knew I was going to take a lot of pictures in India, so I prepared myself for it by purchasing an eyefi memory card that allowed me to wirelessly transfer pictures to my phone on the go. we were constantly on the go from the moment we arrived in India. We landed in Mumbai, and had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant. The food was delicious.  We then drove straight to Nashik, which is about 2 hours away from Mumbai. Nashik is where we took my grandmother’s ashes to disperse. We had a little ceremony with a priest before we dispersed her ashes in the Godavari River. Following that we drove to Shirdi to visit various temples; India is known for its Hindu Temples, and being in India we figured we should make the most of it and visit some while we were there. After Shirdi, we went back to Mumbai and spent a day there before flying out to Kerala. In that one day we visited the gateway of India and the Taj Hotel.



Kerala is known as God’s own country and the home of Ayurveda. is very scenic with lots of greenery and beautiful backwaters. Kerala is full of little villages. We had to drive through a few to get to the village containing my Ayurvedic Hospital. There are a lot of details to cover, so I am hoping my pictures will tell the full stories. I posted a lot of pictures throughout my trip on Instagram and Flickr.



We spent 5 weeks in India, of which I was in treatment for three, and in the time in between we visited some temples and holy sites like the Shirdi Temple, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple and Guruvayur Temple. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures once you are inside these sites. My biggest fear was walking barefoot in India, especially with all the little rocks and hot sand. It was a struggle initially, but I was determined to face it and eventually got used to it  because you have to take off your shoes to enter the holy sites. What was amazing was that I was able to feel the heat and little rocks on the floor on the sole of my weak foot.

Overall, my trip to India was pleasant, from the people I met to the atmosphere and the food. It is a different world and it gives you a new appreciation for life. What I noticed was that people in India are very content with what they have, there is no desire for luxury. Even those that have little, have the biggest smiles, which makes me wonder if we are spoilt. If you have ever complained about traffic, you have no idea of what traffic is until you have been to Mumbai. India is full of culture and life, and it’s amazing.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and allowing us to experience a bit of India with you. I certainly hope that your Ayurvedic experience brought you support, understanding and healing. I would love to hear more about it.
    All the best Saj.

  2. Great post Saj! I am so interested in learning more about what ayurvedic treatments that you did!

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