I have always been a big believer of natural medicine. Prior to the stroke, I would have acupuncture done for any acute pain. Ayurveda is an ancient form of natural medicine from India. Numerous people had recommended that I go to India and have some Ayurveda done after they came to know of my stroke. There are some local clinics that offer Ayurvedic treatment in Toronto, but going once a week is not enough. Unfortunately, stroke recovery is not something that happens overnight. I was not expecting 100 percent recovery from treatment in India but was hoping for a 10-25 percent





The Ayurvedic Hospital I went to is called Amrita Kripa Narayana Ayurveda Chikthsalayam in Chittamchery village in Palakkad. Once we arrived there we were taken to our suite. Shortly after, the doctors arrived and did a quick consult (my dad had already forwarded them my medical files prior to our arrival). The doctors introduced me to my therapist and gave him a 21 day treatment plan and we started right away. I was not allowed to shower for 21 days and I was on a strict vegetarian diet for the duration of the treatment.


For 21 days I had 2 one hour sessions a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The treatment was very intense and painful at times. In the first week, my body was prepped and detoxed for the upcoming forms of treatment. For the last two weeks, they worked on strengthening my nerves and muscles while increasing blood flow throughout my body. The treatment got less intense towards the end. After the first week, my body felt very free and light and my arm had straightened out at the elbow. By the end of the treatment, my fingers also felt very loose and straight. I was not able to open my fist, but I was able to slightly straighten my fingers and raise my left arm over my head without it shaking.



Personally, I am happy with the treatment I received. They said it would take time for my body to absorb everything and that over time I will notice more changes. I would say that I got my 10 percent of improvement. Something is always better than nothing.


  1. Wow! 21 days and no shower? How crazy! I love hearing about all of this! Im so thrilled that you got at least your 10% improvement! I bet there is so much more to come!

  2. Hey Sanj! I had the opportunity to read through your whole journey so far. So happy to hear how far you’ve come – keep up with the progress! Law of attraction goes a long way, keep your chin up!

  3. Thats awesome. I am glad we didn’t get together for coffee.I mean 21 days no showering you must have smelled as bad as me. Lol

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