My name is James Shanahan. The story I’m about to share is about my love for bodybuilding and about my steroid use, which I’m not afraid to talk about anymore despite the stigma attached to steroids. I’ve done enough to know what I’m talking about; yes, I took steroids through my years of working out and I became obsessed with growing and getting stronger, which meant taking more and more steroids. And boy, did I gain some serious strength and put on some serious mass. But I’ve been through a dramatic brain injury, a stroke, and a couple of seizures because of the use of steroids. The injury risk from steroids is not worth the body you may gain from the use of them; I am proof that you could end up losing much more from excessive use.


Because of the the stroke I lost control over my life, the ability to enjoy life in the real world, and I lost my girlfriend that I loved at the time. It has me working just as hard as I did in the gym before this all happened, to get back to having just as much control over my life…

For all of us who love working out and fitness in general – it helps us in many ways and we do it for different reasons, whether it’s to be healthy, athletic, to look good, be big and strong, or to have an escape from life. As I’ve always said, exercise is a good obsession to have as long as it’s done naturally, which I know now is the right way to go about it, though I haven’t always done that myself. I’ve used stuff since I turned 25 and I can’t say enough how not being able to fully function on your own sucks. When you are sick people stand by your side or run and hide, letting you find out who is really there for you and who truly cares about you.

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