The key to moving forward throughout my recovery has been adapting and figuring out new ways to do things that I used to do, which requires a lot of patience.



left-eye-oct-1-2008Due to a minor pre-existing condition in my eye, I had some complications after the stroke which caused loss of vision in my left eye. Combined with a left visual field cut due to the damage on the right side of my brain and no peripheral vision on the left, I always miss things that approach me from that side. I would always walk into people on my left side. Therefore, I always have to make a conscience effort to completely turn and look before I make a move or walk in that direction. It took a little while to adapt.



It is amazing what the body can do when it needs to heal, adjust and adapt. I have to plan, organize and execute to adapt smoothly. I give myself ample time to complete tasks that I would have been able to do in a fraction of the time. I believe with patience, anything is possible.

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