Ride For Heart

Help me raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

I’m gearing up for that time of year again – the annual Ride for Heart event! It’s the largest charity cycling event in Canada. The money raised from this event will support heart disease and stroke research, which of course is a cause that I care deeply about because I’ve directly benefitted from this research as a stroke survivor.

At the time of my stroke, I was given TPA, also known as the “Clot Buster” drug, which breaks down the clot that disrupts blood flow to the brain. This drug was developed through research funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and I want to continue supporting this type of research to help save more lives in the future.

This year’s event is a particular milestone for me because I am hoping to complete the 25k bike ride. After my stroke, I lost my ability to walk temporarily but was eventually able to complete a 5k walk in my first Ride for Heart. Last year, I rented a tricycle to ride around the neighborhood as I was still not able to ride a bicycle. The ability to be mobile is a privilege that I believe we take for granted and this year, I hope to make the most use out of my mobility to support a great cause.

And I hope you consider supporting me in doing this because much like Ride for Heart, I have tried to use this platform as a way to create awareness on strokes, which is a topic many of us don’t think about until someone close to us or even ourselves are unfortunately affected by it.

I did not anticipate that Life After Stroke would grow from a personal blog to a community of stroke survivors but I am more motivated than ever to continue building this community and supporting other stroke survivors.

Help me reach my goal of raising $2000 for Ride for Heart. Donate here.