Live in the Moment

People often forget to embrace the moment and live in it. It’s unfortunate to miss the beauty of a single moment as you may not get it back.     When having physical deficits, it is very liberating to make impulse decisions and act upon them. I try not to make plans, but rather take … Continue reading Live in the Moment


I used to play a lot of sports and had a very active lifestyle. The first goal in my recovery was to get back on my feet. It was important to me to be mobile. I did not want to depend on anyone to get from point A to point B. Everyone has different priorities. … Continue reading WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU


On the road to recovery, it is easy to get frustrated and lose patience. It is up to you to relax yourself and calm your mind. Frustration is not going to help you; it might just overwhelm you. Since I had experienced seizures post-stroke, I try to keep my mind from overreacting, because we never … Continue reading OVERCOMING FRUSTRATION


To grow as an individual, you have to constantly challenge yourself. Every challenge you overcome and conquer makes you a stronger and better person.   Throughout my recovery, I have faced the challenges I encountered and have tried to push myself more by taking on newer challenges, which has helped me become a stronger person. … Continue reading CHALLENGE YOURSELF

Beating the odds

  Hi, I'm John Gomes. At the age of 24 I suffered a stroke and this is my story.   The year before my stroke I got married to my best friend, and then my wife and I had our first child, a beautiful son.   I was training hard in my favorite hobby, martial … Continue reading Beating the odds


I have always been a big believer of natural medicine. Prior to the stroke, I would have acupuncture done for any acute pain. Ayurveda is an ancient form of natural medicine from India. Numerous people had recommended that I go to India and have some Ayurveda done after they came to know of my stroke. … Continue reading MY AYURVEDIC EXPERIENCE


  My right bone flap was stored in my stomach after my first surgery, which is why I had staples on my stomach. The bone flap was surgically put back into my skull after six months, but up until then I had to wear a helmet whenever I walked.   When I was an inpatient … Continue reading STAY SOCIAL


It took a few days to settle into Toronto Rehab, since it was a new environment. Nevertheless, I started my rehab program immediately; I first met with an occupational therapist, who did an initial assessment, and then met with a physiotherapist, with whom I established my goals for the duration of my inpatient stay. Between … Continue reading NOW WHAT


Prior to the stroke, I lived a fast-paced and active lifestyle. I worked on the railroad as a signals and communication maintainer. I played soccer once a week and would go to the gym every morning just before I started work. On top of that, I had a busy social life and would occasionally enjoy … Continue reading THE ADJUSTMENT


My name is Saj and I am a stroke survivor. This is my story about life after my stroke. Throughout my posts, I will be talking about my journey, setbacks, and how I have adapted and moved forward. On November 29th, 2012, I had a stroke due to a carotid artery dissection, caused by heading … Continue reading HELLO